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Experiential Conference: Inner Healing through Music

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Lieu : Grande Salle Rheinsheim


Experiential Conference

Inner Healing through Music

with the participation of Dr. Anna Robbiani & Dr. Bogdan Gorodisky

Wednesday May 16th 2018, 7pm-10:30pm


In this conference holistic practitioner, pianist and music director Cristiano Tiozzo will share his unique experience and approach with assisting and facilitating healing processes through meditation through music.

The conference will include the participation of nutritionist Dr. Med. Anna Robbiani from Switzerland and immunologist Dr. Bogdan Gorodisky, scientist and researcher. member of the International and Russian Academies of Sciences.

The conference will also include a few meditations through music so as to allow participants to have direct experience of Cristiano’s unique work of inner healing through music.


For information:
sms: +352.691.633880

Admission fee € 45 (Vegan Buffet included) available here:  entry