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Récital: Duo Praxedis

Catégories : 1-Tous les événements, Concerts, Musique classique, New Classic Stage Saison 3,

Lieu : Grande Salle Rheinsheim



Praxedis Hug-Rütti, harp

Praxedis Geneviève Hug, piano


Dimanche 18 novembre 2018 à 17h00



“The Duo´s stated intent is to breath new life into the thrilling partnership of harp and piano“ (International Piano Magazine – Nov./Dez. 2015)



Duo Praxedis conveys a particular feeling of joy and musical eloquence by the exceptional combination of their instruments.

Full of enthusiasm and with great dedication for this rich instrumentation, which dates from the early classical era, they form a harp and piano chamber-music duo and transpose classical salon music to the international stage since 1996.

The audience is simply seduced by their technically ambitious repertoire for harp and piano.

The Swiss duo’s success is the result of a sedulous disposition to dedicate themselves not only to works originally composed for this instrumentation, but also to contemporary compositions, in addition to original arrangements of renowned works.

Praxedis Hug’s reputed abilities as a piano soloist together with Praxedis Hug-Rütti’s prowess as a harpist enrich their creative range in regards to their sound. Currently, Praxedis Hug can be heard on Sony Music with a substantial recording of Liszt’s Solo-Piano works. Praxedis Hug-Rütti has performed concerts with prestigious orchestras at the Lucerne and Gstaad Festival.

A remarkable discography of already seven recordings shows a broad understanding of the musical repertoire and a prolific involvement within tradition and modernism, which is constantly driven by a well-balanced aesthetic between the harp and piano. Thus in 2014, Duo Praxedis was awarded by the UBS Culture Foundation for distinguished services for their contribution to contemporary compositions.

At the Berliner Philharmonie in March 2016, Duo Praxedis performed a Mozart Piano-Harp concert (K. 365 Concerto for Two Pianos) alongside the Berliner Camerata, and a cadence by Carl Rütti plus an encore by John Thomas “Souvenir de Bal”, whose complete works are getting released on CD. In 2014, Duo Praxedis premiered a double concerto, which was commissioned to Oliver Waespi to be performed at the Tonhalle in Zurich.

The Duo’s self-arranged works received critical acclaim in the international press, as in a December 2015 article in Pizzicato Magazine from Luxemburg: … and are the dialogues ever so rhetorical, those of Scheherazade, the most eloquent and charming, she which combines the instrument at best, casual and natural evokes the most beautiful ambiance”.

Their latest recording “Histoires” (Ars Productions/Summer 2018) contains original paraphrases of operatic works.

Duo PRAXEDIS is a guest at internationally renowned festivals, such as Schloss Esterházy, Eisenstadt and Engadin-Festival, and have recorded with Guild, Paladino, Preiser and Ars Productions.






Antonio Vivaldi
2 Seasons of « The four seasons » (arr. Praxedis Hug)


Carl Rütti *1949
Pastorale (2014)




Albena Petrovic *1965
La fenètre invisible (2017)


Astor Piazzolla
3 Seasons of « The four seasons »