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The best Irish show: Anne Brennan in Concert

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Lieu : Grande Salle Rheinsheim



The best Irish show in Luxembourg


Anne Brennan

David Munnelly

Joseph McNulty


In concert

15th April 2018 – 20:00


Anne Brennan

Anne Brennan comes from Maam Valley situated in the heart of Connemara.

Anne is a member of the well known and distinguished group « The Brennan Sisters ».

Anne comes from a family steeped in traditional music and song and has toured throughout Ireland and Europe as a solo artist.

Anne has shared the stage over the years with some of Irelands most talented artists, including: Paul Brady, Sharon Shannon, Declan O’ Rourke, Gerry O Connor, Arty McGlynn, Steve Cooney, Mundy and Damien Dempsey to name but a few.

Her debut solo album as titled « Young Love ». The album is Traditional/Folk with a contemporary sound.

The album includes some new material written by well respected singer/songwriters Paul Brady, Don Mescall and Declan O’ Rourke.

David Munnelly

From a young age, driven by an innate musical curiosity and rapidly acquired fluency, Munnelly began pushing his chosen instrument further than most to discover what more it could do, what more it could help him to say.

So, more accurately, Munnelly plays the accordion in its fullest international sense. He has absorbed how the instrument is played in many different cultures by many different players, and he has developed his very own way of handling all those influences in his playing, particularly in his almost baroque bass note self-accompaniment.

His sound is unmistakably him, but with a deep respect for many other masters coming through, from John J Kimmel to Máirtín O Connor to Riccardo Tesi.

He has also come up against the limitations of his instrument in terms of its relatively mechanical nature, and with scientific dedication to perfecting the possible ornamentations, he has made a virtue of those limitations, able to make it sing as freely as many more tactile instruments in other hands.

Joseph McNulty

Joseph McNulty began to play traditional Irish music at a young age and by the age of 14 had won 5 all-Ireland titles and 4 world titles.

Most recently he has toured with Ragus in mainland Europe and spent time working in the National Folk Theatre of Ireland.

20 EUR

Infos pratiques

Début du spectacle : 20h00
Ouverture des portes : 19h00
Fermeture des caisses : 19h45

Bar ouvert sur place

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