Borislava Taneva is a pianist-performer, a composer, a pedagogue, a chamber musician, an organiser of musical events. Her active participation in the contemporary cultural life in Bulgaria and abroad defines her as a successful, multispectral musician. Borislava Taneva has been a laureate of national and international piano, chamber music and composition competitions in Bulgaria, Italy, Japan, Greece, Luxembourg, Norway etc.

She has performed multiple recitals in Bulgaria, Greece, Germany, Italy, Brasil, Switzerland, Lithuania, Israel, France, Norway, Macedonia, Spain, etc.

Currently she is a piano and pedagogical practice professor at NMA in Sofia and vice rector of the Sofia Academy of Music. In April 2012 a Doctor’s degree (PHD) was conferred on Borislava Taneva. For several years she had great success, teaching Interpretation of Contemporary Music in Athens. Adding to her pedagogical experience, she was also a piano professor at the “New Conservatory of Thessaloniki” in Greece.

She gives masterclasses and delivers seminars on various topics at music colleges and academies in Greece, Swiss, France, Luxembourg, Brasil, Spain, Singapore, Italy, Norway. Prof. Taneva has appeared as a jury member in national and international piano competitions in Greece, France, Vienna, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Serbia etc.

Her students have been awarded with prizes from national and international forums and

competitions.She is the founder and vice president of the Swiss-Bulgarian Association  of Culture – SBAC, based in Geneva. As well Taneva is a president of the ppIANISSIMO foundation, which organizes for 21 years a festival for contemporary piano music in Sofia.PhD Taneva was awarded with special National prizes for her contribution to Bulgarian culture.


JOAN MARTÍ-FRASQUIER, saxophone baryton

Musicien dynamique, il se sens profondément engagé avec la musique aujourd’hui et il reste toujours ouvert à nouvelles expériences artistiques.

Après ses études musicales à Barcelone, il est parti en France afin de compléter sa formation avec Christophe Bois (MTB à l’Unanimité en Saxophone du CRD Bourges), Philippe Braquart (MTB à l’Unanimité et avec les Félicitations du Jury en Musique de Chambre du CRR Montpellier) et, plus tard, avec Damien Royannais (CRR Limoges). Cette expérience a marqué notablement son parcours professionnel.

Il est professeur de saxophone au Conservatoire de Reus (Catalogne, Espagne),il a été invité à la NZ Classical Saxophone Summer School (Nouvelle Zelande), Saxophone Academy Sydney Summer School (Australie) et a donné des atéliers de saxophone baryton à l’Andorra Sax-Fest (Andorre) et conservatoires d’Amsterdam (Pays-Bas), Zaragoza et Barcelone (Espagne). Il a dans sa catalogue  nombreuses  pieces dédiées  a lui et plusieurs CD sous labels différents.

Il est artiste Selmer-Paris et D’Addario Woodwinds. En savoir plus: www.joanmf.com


ALBENA PETROVIC, composition

is a Luxembourgish composer of Bulgarian origin and a Knight of The Order of Merit of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (l’Ordre de Mérite du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg) She was granted the « Cultural Award 2007 » from the municipality of Hesperange. In 2018 is granted with Médaille d’argent of Union Grand Duc Adolphe.She was also a jury member of the International Composition Competition « Valentino Bucchi » in Rome, Italy.

She has written more than 600 works in various music genres. Some of her works are published by SCHOTT MUSIC International, Luxembourg Music Publishers, and her pedagogical work is published by her own edition. Recently she realized a CD « Crystal Dream » with the pianist Romain Nosbaum by label GEGA NEW with a big international success and press acclaim. Her new album « The Voyager » appears in 2018 under the famous label SOLO MUSICA.

Albena Petrovic is artistic director and co-founder of the International Festival « New Classic Stage » in Luxembourg. She is President/Founder of the International Composition Competition “Artistes en Herbe” (« Budding Artists ») under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture of Luxembourg. Already with her fifth edition, the Competition is unique in its kind in Western Europe – children of tenderest age may compete in the Junior category, and in Senior category adult composers are invited to compose music which will enrich the pedagogic repertoire for children. www.albena-petrovic-vratchanska.com