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21th FEB 2015


SWING PARTY with a performance by the world champion Vincenzo Fesi.

We will be dancing Lindy Hop and Charleston during an evening that brings you back to the 20s and 30s, like they used to do in Harlem.

SOIRÉE SWING avec représentation du champion du monde de swing Vincenzo Fesi.

Une soirée aux couleurs des années 20 et 30 pour danser le Lindy Hop et le Charleston comme on le dansait à Harlem à cette époque.

VincenzoVincenzo Fesi is a Swing dancer worldwide recognised. As a real globetrotter, he teaches and performs all over Europe, Australia and Asia.
Since 2006 he teaches at the famous Herrang Dance Camp in Sweden. He is also the director of one of the most popular festivals in the world: Swing Crash Festival (alongside Isabella Gregorio) which takes place every June in Como (Italy).
Vincenzo is well known for his historical knowledge in the dance and culture of the Swing Era.
As an MC he did quite a few things as well: he worked on his own radio show in Como, Italy, and he has been the Master of Ceremony for two shows at the Carnival in Piazza San Marco in Venice, one of the most beautiful squares in the world.
Last summer he wrote the preface for the italian translation of the book “Frankie Manning: ambasciatore dello swing”.
As a real charmer, Vincenzo’s classes are fun and full of content at the same time.
He focuses on technique, which is demonstrated throughout steps and moves. Let’s be tempted by this Italian full of fun and generosity!

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