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Ukrainian Christmas Festival

Ukrainian Christmas Festival

Friday 15 December 5pm

Olena Afanasyeva

Singer Conduktor

“Malvy” is a Ukrainian folk vocal ensemble led by Olena Afanasyeva. Created with the support of the Strassen Commune, namely Nico Pundel and Betty Walter-Gahl, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. They passionately share the beauty of Ukrainian culture through authentic and exciting performances.

With a diverse repertoire including dance tunes and soulful ballads, Malvy showcases the essence of Ukrainian folk music. Elena’s management ensures spectacular and unforgettable performances by introducing artistic interpretations into her performances. As cultural ambassadors, Malvy collaborates with other artists and organizations, promoting cross-cultural exchanges and raising awareness of Ukrainian traditions.

They preserve and honor the cultural heritage of Ukraine, passing on traditions to future generations. Malvi’s harmonies and vocal prowess capture the audience and convey heartfelt emotions. With their dedication, they left an unforgettable mark in the world of Ukrainian folk music.

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Free entrance

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