Biographie Crossfire


Fondé en 1999, Crossfire Sound s’est donné comme mission de promouvoir et de célébrer la culture musicale jamaïcaine. Le sound system Crossfire, actif principalement dans le Benelux et originaire du Luxembourg, avait sa

propre émission sur une radio luxembourgeoise intitulée  » the Jammin’ Show ». Cette émission hebdomadaire a existé durant 16 années et ne constituait qu’une des nombreuses manières utilisées par Crossfire Sound pour jouer

et promouvoir la musique Reggae.

En plus de cela, le sound a organisé de nombreuses soirées et concerts avec toutes sortes d’artistes au Luxembourg et à l’étranger. Crossfire Sound a enregistré son premier Dubplate il y a maintenant 18 ans et a, depuis, assemblé une solide panoplie de hits jamaïcains dans le style soundclash. Actuellement, le sound est composé du fondateur,

Sharpshooter, et de Carliente.

Ils viennent également de sortir leur premier riddim l’année passée intitulé « Tenement Yard 2019 Riddim ».

Biographie Hi Kee


Hi Kee (born Martin Morris in Manchester – Jamaica

A song writer, composer and poet with a warm spirit and a powerful melodeos vocal that everyone can feel and mainly a positive morality which everyone can relate to.

Hi Kee started writing and composing music in 1995, he did his first professional recording in 2004 followed by numerous singles for various producers

In 2010 he recorded a 16 track album titled « Self Reliance », which was released on February 4th 2011 for Truesounds Records.

The album includes some very inspirational tracks with some wonderful collaborations featuring legends like Brigadier Jerry, Luciano, Mykal Grammy Rose and Sophia squire..

Following the album Hi Kee has done numerous concerts and tours and has recorded countless singles for various producers locally and internationally and even more collabs featuring other legends such as Utan Green, Cornell Campbell and more…

You can find Hi Kee songs and videos on YouTube, Spotify, amazon, iTunes and various musical platforms, one love and blessings to all from Hi Kee

Biographie Pakamos


Pakamos is one of the well talented luxembourgish-gambian artists. He plays World music, Reggae and Afro Dancehall.

The name « Pakamos » comes from the name of the village he was born in (Pakaliba).

Pakamos is a very courageous and active worker. He writes down all his songs by himself and records them with different musicians.

His music is all about promoting morality, love, peace and social conscience. This with a range that moves from sensitivity to rage over injustice.

Much of Pakamos’s music empathizes with the impoverished and those standing on the edge of society.

He recorded his second album called « Times have changed » without even realizing that times in fact have changed, from Gambia to Luxembourg, from Luxembourg to the whole world.

The album was recorded in Luxembourg in « Exemo » studios and includes, among others, songs like « Times have changed, Good Weather, What is Life, Woman, Nuclear Pollution, Am trying » … etc.

An African Rasta who stands for humanity, peace and respect for all.

A great album… Own it and enjoy it!