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Lieu : Grande Salle Rheinsheim


Teatro Matita





Dimanche 22 septembre – 18 :00



This show based on comic situations of the traditional Italian character Pulcinella, who knows neither authority nor fear at the 21st Teresetes International Theater Festival in Mallorca.

Created by Matija Solce, and with live music, it is a form of puppet minimalism, which is first created from nothing, then comes alive to immediately meet face to face with a partner to play with.




Teatro matita was established in 2002 by musician and puppeteer Matija Solce after he had completed his studies at Bruno Leone’s traditional Italian hand puppet school in Naples.

He tries to stimulate the audience’s imagination with his belief that everything can be a puppet (from the most usual everyday object such as a bicycle bell to the more unusual such as a bone), performing all over the world in all kinds of places (theatres, outdoor stages, prisons, schools …).

Considering his musical education and collaboration with folk musicians it is not surprising that music plays an important role in his work. His productions are often a combination of puppet show, folk music performance and acting (an actor is also a puppet).

Matija Solce was a founder of the International Centre of Puppetry Arts in 2005, he is a head of the Cultural Association for Puppetry, Folk Music and Ecology Matita established in 2007, and collaborates closely with Lutkarnica – Koper Puppetry Studio.

Teatro matita collaborates with the PUF Festival as an organiser of presentations of student productions of the DAMU Academy in Prague and various other European puppetry schools. Matija Solce started also the HISTeRIA Festival in the Istrian village Gračišče. As an activist he has introduced puppetry into a special form of political rally – a Protestival.

Show in Slovene language




Tickets: 13,00 €