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Film – The Eruption of the Aetas

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Lieu : Grande Salle Rheinsheim

The Eruption of the Aetas


A film by Mario Villamiel


Premiere  in Luxembourg!


MAI 24TH 2019 FROM 20H



« We embark on journeys that change our lives forever ».

Hi seagulls!

In November 2017, I took a break from the corporate world of Luxembourg to travel with my backpack and camera for one year. I journeyed through Asia and North America in search of communities living harmoniously with nature and with each other, aiming to bring value to the people I encountered.

My travels took me to a volcano in the Philippines, the traditional territory of the Aetas people. I spent time with them, made friends, and learned of their challenges, ultimately feeling called to tell their story. My documentary, « The Eruption of the Aetas, » is the result of my time with these extraordinary people, and aims to raise awareness and funds to help my new friends come back to farming and recover their dignity and independence.

Join me for an evening as I share my experiences and photographs of the beautiful landscapes and people I met during my year away, followed by a screening of the documentary.

Mario Villamiel


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