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NWTC – Youth Theatre

Catégories : 2 - Cours & Ateliers, Les cours,

Lieu : Grande Salle Rheinsheim

New World Theatre Club Youth Theatre



Youth Group

« Directing teenage actors is like juggling jars of nitro-glycerine: exhilarating and dangerous.”  

Stephen King (author)

If you would like to lead the youth group please get in touch with committee(at)nwtc(dot)lu for further information





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NWTC Youth Theatre started in 2007 with just eleven members.  Over the years it has grown,  the last few years has consistently had around 25 members and exceptionally one year having 50. It is a core part of NWTC’s activities. Participants  come from a wide-range of backgrounds in terms of age (10-18) and nationalites (at the last count there were some 18 nationalities represented). It is unique in that it brings together participants from the different school systems in Luxembourg. All share a passion for theatre and acting. Although members can often speak more than one language, participants must be able to speak and work in English.