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The Ripple Effect

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Lieu : Grande Salle Rheinsheim

The Ripple Effect


Eva and Nicola are sisters who became even closer after losing their parents when they were younger supporting each other when they have problems, particularly ‘man’ problems!

Eva is happily married to Gavin, who dotes on her, whilst Nicola is still looking for Mr. Right.

However, one evening which had started so full of promise and Eva’s life is changed forever in an instant and she struggles desperately for years to get back to normality.

Then, Eva finally meets the man responsible for tearing her life apart.  As a great believer in fate, Eva sees meeting the man as a date with destiny, a chance for revenge.

Robert Scott’s one-act play explores how the path of our life can change in an instant and challenges us to consider how much control we actually have about the course of our lives and how much is totally random, leaving us plagued with ‘what if’s’.

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