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Monday Course: Training the mind in compassion

by Lama Jigmé Namgyal

When we follow a spiritual path, one of the greatest obstacles to our progress is our narrow concern with our own self.

In fact, even in our daily life, many of the problems we encounter come from selfishness and egological thinking, whereas it is commonly observable that great happiness ensues from caring for others with a compassionate heart.

The Buddhist teachings provide very practical and concrete instructions that can help us to eradicate our self-grasping and develop a compassionate attitude.

These instructions, called ‘Mind Training’, can, if properly practised and applied, completely restructure our way of thinking.

In this way, we can develop genuine compassion that allows us to put others first, not out of an egocentric feeling of guilt or out of sentimental pity, but out of a realization that what we call ‘I’ and ‘mine’ are but illusory concepts invested with emotional attachment.

The present six-month course will focus on the Seven Point Mind Training, a text by Chekawa Yeshe Dorje (1102-1176), and will involve teachings based on the text: we will explore practical ways to develop a compassionate attitude in daily life.

Teachings will alternate with guided meditation sessions that allow us to find within ourselves the peace and equanimity that are the fertile ground on which compassion can flourish.

Students are encouraged to get a copy of the following books:
– Dilgo Khyentse, Enlightened Courage, Peyzac-le-Moustier: Éditions Padmakara, 1992.
– Chögyam Trungpa, Training the Mind and Cultivating Loving-Kindness, Boston: Shambhala, 2003.

Whereas the former book is a more traditional approach to the text, the latter can be useful for Westerners who may be new to the subject. Both books are uncompromising in their directness and will be useful for the course.

This course is for students who have regularly attended the previous Monday courses. However, new participants can be accepted to join the course if they already have some knowledge of Buddhism or have attended one of the Sunday courses.

śamatha meditationThe Centre Culturel Tibétain asbl was founded by Lama Jigmé Namgyal with the vision of sharing the insights of Tibetan culture with the society of Luxembourg. Its goal is to benefit individuals, organizations and society in general, as well as to preserve this unique wisdom culture for future generations.

The Tibetan cultural identity expresses itself in a variety of ways, including music, dance, literature and art, science, philosophy, medicine, astrology and spiritual practice.

All are characterized by the development of basic human values, such as love, compassion and non-violence. Nowadays Tibetan culture is very much endangered; it is therefore fundamental to preserve this culture in all its aspects.

In order to promote knowledge and awareness of Tibetan culture in Luxembourg, the Tibetan Cultural Centre organizes regular courses in Buddhist philosophy, meditation, as well as Tibetan language.

For further information about the activities visit our website

The teacherJigmé
Lama Jigmé Namgyal grew up in the eastern part of Tibet, where he studied Buddhism from a young age.
His root teacher was Khenpo Jigme Phuntsok, with whom he studied at the university of Serthar Larung Gar.
Through his pithy sense of humour, he is able to connect with his Western audience in an open and direct way.
He has the unique gift of communicating an experience beyond words.

Dates: Mondays from 8 p.m. to 9.30 p.m.
Jan: 4, 11, 18, 25
Fev: 1, 15, 29
Mars: 7, 14, 21
April: 11, 18, 25
Note: Due to the travel agenda of Lama Jigmé changes in dates might occur during the course.

Language: English (occasionally translated from Tibetan into English by Dylan Esler)

Price: 165€ (148€ for regular members, 82€ for students/unemployed, free participation for donating members).

Please note that the price includes all sessions on the above indicated dates. Fees shouldn’t be an obstacle. Please contact us if there is a problem.

Please pay by bank transfer to the Centre’s account:
IBAN: LU79 1111 2413 8246 0000 / BIC: CCPLLULL,
Centre Culturel Tibétain, Asbl
Reference: Monday Course, Spring 2015

For organisational reasons, please confirm your attendance at the course by sending us an e-mail at