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Stage Capoeira Angola

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Lieu : Grande Salle Rheinsheim



Saturday, October 28 – 10am – 18pm

Sunday, October 29, 11am18pm

Capoeira Angola is a dance, a fight, a ritual, a philosophy, a way of being in the world…

About Capoeira Angola
capoeira8The fight of dancers and the dance of fighters.

Capoeira Angola is the oldest and most genuine form of Capoeira.

Its origins date back to the time of the African slave trade to Brazil.

During their struggle for freedom, the slaves developed a technique of fighting hidden in a mystic dance.

Capoeira Angola combines elements of music, dance, theatre and philosophy in a seemingly malicious yet playful game!

During the “roda de Capoeira” (Capoeira circle/game), the captivating pulse of the music entrances the Capoeiristas in a dialogue of expression, creativity and connection.

Alertness and self awareness, both physical and mental, are but some of the skills that the Capoeira tradition develops.

Capoeira is inherently a powerful tool for social change.

Its foundations rest upon notions of respect, camaraderie and collectiveness.

Constantly transforming challenges into opportunities, a Capoeirista learns how to gracefully respond to difficulties, both in the “roda” and beyond.