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Vlado Kreslin ponovno v Luksemburgu

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Lieu : Grande Salle Rheinsheim


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Vlado Kreslin ponovno v Luksemburgu


Četrtek, 27. junij, 2019



Drage Slovenke in Slovenci, po razprodanem koncertu pred tremi leti se legenda slovenske glasbene scene vrača.
Koncert, bo posvečen 100 obletnici priključitve Prekmurske matični domovini, 15 obletnici priključitve Slovenije EU ter 15 obletnici članstva Slovenije v zvezi NATO.
Ne zamudite nastopa, ki bo z večnimi slovenskimi hiti zagotovo Luksemburg ponovno dvignil na noge.

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Life and work

Kreslin was born in the village of Beltinci in the Prekmurje region of Slovenia, then part of Yugoslavia. He began his musical career in his student years, first coming to acclaim as the lead singer with the rock group Martin Krpan. He later continued playing a mixture of Slovene folk and rock music with the Beltinška Banda, a folk group from his native village, whose other members were all over 70 years old, and the group Mali Bogovi. Both groups (with him) often perform together, mixing several generations onstage together.

Today he is one of the best-known and highly esteemed Slovenian musicians and songwriters, drawing on Slovene folk and ethnic heritage, occupying his own niche in the Slovenian music scene.He has been referred to as an ethno-revivalist for his modernization of Slovenian folk songs such as « All the Wreaths Have Wilted ». Modern Slovenian rock bands such as Siddharta have worked with him.

He has also performed with R.E.M., the Dubliners, Allan Taylor, Hans Theessink, Vlatko Stefanovski, and the Walkabouts.

His annual concerts at Cankar Hall in Ljubljana have become a traditional event in the city’s yearly cultural calendar. He is constantly performing worldwide and has opened twice for Bob Dylan and some other world acts. His genre is a type of blues mixed with Slovene folk music. In addition to performing songs in Slovenian, Kreslin’s repertoire also includes songs sung in English, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian and Italian,as well as folk songs sung in various dialects (from his native PrekmurjeMeđimurje, the Slovenian LittoralIstria, and elsewhere).

Many of his songs and poems have been the basis for books and films, most notably Namesto koga roža cveti, which inspired Feri Laišček’s award-winning book of the same name and was the basis for the movie Halgato. He has also been an actor in several movies, including Halgato and Slavic Angel, and the play Three Other Sisters in Milwaukee.

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