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Replenish, Revive, Rejuvenate
Saturday, 25 April     8h45-11h45

8h45-10h15   Yin Yoga

Medicine for: restlessness, anxiousness, feeling nervous, aggressive, hurried or worried.
Soft and slow, most poses are done on the floor. Gravity and time (poses are held 3-5 minutes) help to release deeper into the pose and apply healthy stress to connective tissues, making them stronger, more flexible and increasing circulation in the joints. Yin Yoga balances the meridians (energy channels), releases chronic and long held tensions, as well as negative emotions.
Profoundly relaxing on a physical and mental level, it opens up the body on a whole new level.

10h15-11h45  Yang Yoga

Medicine for: feeling lethargic, tired, drained, sad and unmotivated.
In this Vinyasa Flow (breath synchronized movements), we flow like water, going smoothly from one pose to the other. Soft warm ups prepare the body, energizing pranayama (breathing exercises) and invigorating sun salutations heat up, detox and stretch the body. Time is then taken to explore each pose individually, practicing mindfulness and awareness, ending in a brief relaxation at the end.
Energizing and refreshing, this will wake up body and mind, oxygenate the blood, stretch and tone the body and relieve stress and tension

What to bring: yoga mat, blanket, pillow.  If you don’t have a mat, please let me know so I can bring one.
Suitability: The workshop is suitable for all levels.  Please advise of any injuries beforehand.

Saturday, 25 April

Yin Yoga: 8h45-10h15
Yang Yoga: 10h15-11h45


Centre Convict – Salle Maria-Rheinsheim
5 avenue Marie-Thérèse
L – 2132 Luxembourg

About the Teacher AXINJA

I discovered yoga in 2001, and have been learning and expanding in my practice ever since. I am a certified Yoga teacher (Yoga Alliance recognized), and also hold a Pre-Natal and Post-Natal Yoga certification.
One of the central aspects of my teaching is integrating with the present moment and listening to what the body is telling you. When you do that, yoga becomes accessible to everyone and an incredible tool of transformation.
(I speak English, German, French and Russian)

Practical Info

Price Full Workshop: 30€ if payment by 10 April, 35€ if payment after 10 April.
Price ½ Workshop: 20€ for either the Yin or Yang portion (1 ½ hours each).
How to sign up: To reserve your place, please send a deposit of 10€ (non-refundable) or the full amount of 30€ / 35€ to:

Axinja Granier
LU42 0141 6428 0800 0000
You can pay the remaining balance on the day at arrival.

Contact:, 691 66 66 59,