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Yours Truly – A charity concert

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Lieu : Grande Salle Rheinsheim


Yours Truly


A charity concert


Friday, February 15 – 19:00



Liz Turner – Pianist

Dave Hall – Guitarist, Trumpeter

Tom Speller – Drummer


Ciara Barker

Victor Bonanno

Christine Thamdrup Christensen

Tali Golergant

Jennie Kenton

Rachel Lloyd

Nick Pattarini

Alex Teligadas

Maiken Thamdrup



The Greek language uses these six words to distinguish between different forms of love.

Intimate love, friendship, spiritual love, family, marriage and self-love.

Yours Truly is an open letter of love.

Of lost love, unrequited love, new love, platonic love and familial love.

Whether you love someone or love yourself and your dreams, we all love something.

Therefore, we invite you to experience the many sides of love through song.

Yours Truly…


All proceeds from the concert will go to the charity Living Hope.

Living Hope (NGO) was founded in 1999 by Nicole and Vyacheslav Borisuk.

They work with over 100 children, youth and their families in a disadvantaged area of Odessa, Ukraine.

They work together with other organisations and groups to provide a day center and summer camp for the youth.

They provide food, help with homework, showers and even help with family problems.

In their free time they play games and learn various extracurricular subjects such as languages and music.


Tickets: 8 Euros

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