Looking for sponsors for the education of orphaned children especially girls in Malawi

Who we are trying to help? What issues we are trying to address?


We work with children who have been orphaned by HIV/Aids or some other

Cause in Malawi. It is difficult for boys and girls from poor backgrounds, and especially girls who are often married off at a very young age, or those whose education is disrupted by taking on the responsibilities of looking after younger siblings, as carers; it is difficult for them to secure worthwhile education.

UMODZI (formerly Malawi Hunger Relief) was founded in London 2002 in response to the famine that hit Sub-Saharan Africa, Malawi being the worst hit country within the region. There were eight of us altogether with a short – term goal of fundraising to send relief to Malawi and help feed those dying from lack of food at the time.

When the hunger relief project was closed UMODZI was reconstituted with the long-term goal of educating mostly orphaned Malawian girls. UMODZI is now made up of three volunteers: Lunda David (my sister) and Tamya Kerr (our cousin) and myself.

UMODZI has adopted the major objective of fighting to educate the orphaned child, especially the girl child, and of offering them the opportunity for education, which can help them secure an independent future. With time we have also taken on a few boys. We have altogether 15 students so far, but the waiting list has more students seeking similar financial assistance.


What our project is and how you could help

Our current project seeks to continue to provide sponsorships to orphaned children by finding sponsors or well-wishers who can fund the education of needy boys and girls. The sponsorship program provides their tuition fees, the cost of their health in case of sickness, their food, school uniforms, stationery and sanitary pads for the girls.


Can you partner with us on this project or help in any way?

Partnerships can be in many ways, including fundraising money for the program, spreading the word about the program, working in Malawi as a VSO (voluntary service overseas) i.e. teaching in a local school, donating laptops/ PC’s to be used by the students and many other products that can benefit the children and their communities.



To sponsor a child you will need to be committed to the child/children from secondary school until they complete higher education or university. For secondary school, the average cost per child for a year, this amounts to the following;


School Fees: MK37,500 (€50),

Uniforms MK40, 000 (€53), – shorts & t-shirt for boys  – dress & t-shirt for girls

School Jersey MK30,000 (€40),

Socks MK10500 (€14)

Shoes MK50,000 (€67),

Textbooks MK95, 000 (€127),

Transport & pocket money MK180, 000 (€240),

School bag MK25000 (€33),

Maths. Instrument MK0, 500 (€14),

Exercise books MK30,000(€40),

Pens/Pencils/Rubbers MK7,500, (€10)

Total MK516, 000 (€688)




For college/further education, on average for a year, this is what it amounts to per child

School Fees MK900,000 (€1200)

Laptop MK320,000 (€427)

Pocket Money MK100,000 (€133)

Shoes MK56, 000 (€75)

Stationary MK150,MK000 (€200)

Transport 35, 000 (€47)

School Bag MK300000 (€40)

Total MK1, 591,000 (€2, 122)


If you think you can become a sponsor or you can help in any way and would like more information please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss further.

Yours in anticipation,

Judith Golooba