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Récital - Marcos Madrigal

Nous sommes navré de vous communiquer que  pour causes indépendantes de notre volonté le concert de

Marcos Madrigal

prévu le

19 juin 2022 - 17h

a été annulé.

Le concert est reporté à une nouvelle date qui sera communiquée dans les prochains jours.

“In order to capture the extraordinary ingenuity of the «Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini» by Sergei Rachmaninoff, the particularly brilliant and almost electric touch of Marcos Madrigal turned out to be an excellent option.

He managed to be at the same time dazzling in his purity of sound, decisive and aggressive when the occasion required it, as in the preparation and attack of the medieval «Dies Irae» of the seventh variation, almost sinister in the seventeenth one and fiery in the nineteenth one, whose apparently impossible jumps were performed with an overwhelming confidence.”
F. Javier Santos – ABC (Spain)

“He plays with taste, musicality, lyricism and sensual freedom. Here is a pianist who regales us with so many emotions.”
Alberto Cima – Corriere del Ticino (Switzerland)

“He gave absolutely superb performances throughout the evening, handling the repertoire like a great master, with superb variety of touch. [...] his entire programme was quite out of this world!”
Bill Newman – Music & Vision (United Kingdom)

“This is the new genius who shows us that the Cuban music school is as alive as ever.”
Melomano (Spain)

“It will be a long time before Bogotá sees again a pianist like Marcos Madrigal, who turned the theater into a real party, revealing the marvels of Cuban piano music. A truly outstanding concert, a luxury only an artist with impeccable technique and quality of sound can afford.”
Emilio San Miguel – El Nuevo Siglo (Colombia)

“Saint-Saëns' concert n. 2 for piano and orchestra, in the hands of Marcos Madrigal, was even more spectacular than it already is. Madrigal is a pianist of great strength and temperament, and this strength is directly transmitted to the piano.”
Gonzalo Roldán Herencia – Ritmo (España)

“Every moment of Madrigal’s performance was expertly executed [...] The third movement was a hailstorm of musical genius, which Madrigal played with impeccable technique and an undeterred sense of lyricism.”
Oberlin News (USA)

Marcos Madrigal - Bio

I Part


Visions Fugitives op.22

Molto giocoso
Con eleganza
Allegretto tranquillo
Con vivacità
Assai moderato
Con una dolce lentezza
Presto agitatissimo e molto accentuato
Lento irrealmente


Sonata N. 2 op. 36 (1931 version)

I Allegro agitato
II Non allegro - Lento
III L'istesso tempo - Allegro molto

II Part


La Comparsa

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