Altrimenti is a cultural centre open to all. A place of dialogue and intercultural discovery.

The Altrimenti manifesto

Manifesto of the cultural association Altrimenti

Together, let's participate in the evolution of our future.

"For our part, we who believe strongly in making the world a better place than we found it,
we want to participate in building this different future.

With the experiences of the past that we can re-elaborate and with the awareness that culture is the true food of the mind,
we want to create opportunities for study, reading, reflection and discussion in order to create new ideas, new approaches that consider any difference with respect for diversity and that allow us to define applicable and certain rules.

Rules that bring humanity back to its human dimension: in short, that make the Earth a peaceful place where coexistence would be possible".

Altrimenti is an "association", i.e. a non-profit organization created by a group of natural persons united by the pursuit of a common goal.

The aim is to propose a new way of "doing" culture, defined as "the tendency to improve oneself, but in communion with others... to recover the deepest and most authentic values of human beings...", also defined as the ability to "place in context what one sees, to grasp its cultural value and thus to understand and be moved...".

It is with deep conviction that we use the word "do". For Altrimenti "to do" contains a multitude of meanings associated with action, activity, realization: in other words, with the human capacity to change reality through the mutual exchange of ideas and experiences.

Altrimenti proposes cultural events but, as its name suggests, with a different spirit ("altra mente", in Italian): calling for active participation and encouraging a committed presence, not a façade. Participating in Altrimenti's events means wanting to enrich one's own spirit and contribute to enriching that of others, not on a whim, neither to show off, nor to promote one's image.

This way of "doing" culture is based initially on private engagement, builds on the strength of individuals and creates a community that develops and progresses.

This is a fundamental aspect.

Indeed, the association "Altrimenti Culture" expressly renounces to depend on the intervention of the public administration. It renounces the restrictions imposed by the granting or refusal of funds. It renounces to be something other than the image of its work.

To be clear, Altrimenti shares the idea that culture is a matter of state. Better yet, if the state wants to remain a nation, it must "take care" of its people's culture, while considering that a people is constantly evolving and that, according to current trends, it is blending into a globalized system.

For this reason, the State must be concerned with managing the amalgamation and coexistence of people, convictions and ideas so that they progress in their dimension as a Nation.

Altrimenti aims to free the production of ideas and their circulation from any hindrance, knowing that innovative cultural processes that give rise to new forms of society necessarily start from the bottom up and cannot be subject to economic or political interests.

This is why Altrimenti relies on the strength of its partners and all those who want to support its project, whether they are individuals or legal entities.

In conclusion, the Altrimenti association wants to produce, through active participation, a culture capable of awakening curiosity and developing knowledge, which are the only sources of true innovation.

Altrimenti Culture Asbl
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