Altrimenti is a cultural centre open to all. A place of dialogue and intercultural discovery.

Altrimenti photos

La Mandragola
LA MANDRAGOLA by Niccolò Machiavelli Adapted and directed by Luisella Suberni Piccoli 8-9-10 October 2021 "A potion of mandrake, a plant reputed to be an aphrodisiac and a cure for sterility, will be the pretext for a game of parties in which all the protagonists will manage to find their advantage...
International Women's Day 2017
A meeting between women united and in solidarity against all exclusions! Organized by : CID | Fraen an Gender -- CLAE -- Conseil National des Femmes du Luxembourg (CNFL) -- CSF -- Genderrot/Déi Gréng -- Déi Lénk -- Europa Donna Luxembourg -- Communist Women -- Women in Distress -- Socialist Women -- FNCTTFEL/Landesverband -- ...
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