Altrimenti is a cultural centre open to all. A place of dialogue and intercultural discovery.

Who are we?


Culture is the true food of the spirit, it is the only tool that brings man back to his true human dimension. A culture capable of awakening curiosity and developing knowledge, the only true source of innovation.

Cultural work produces new opportunities for people to coexist and is a source of new ideas and new ways of seeing the world.

With our work, we seek to moderate and mitigate the natural inclination of people to satisfy their most spontaneous instincts, such as egoism, vanity, self-assertion, and the satisfaction of others' failures, and we commit ourselves to transmitting the idea of the common good through principles and values, such as respect for others, coexistence, solidarity and sharing.

The work of positive contagion for the improvement of the lives of all: this is our ambition.

Altrimenti a cultural third place

A space for cultural creation and dissemination, for meeting and exchange, for collaboration and interaction.
An independent third place open to all.

For who?

- Citizens of all ages who wish to participate and invest themselves beyond their own private life and are looking for a warm place and quality services;

- the many associations present in the country which need a place of inter-exchange to get to know each other, coordinate their activities and develop useful links for their associative project;

- artists who are looking for a place to express themselves or make themselves known.

For what?

- to allow external organisers (other associations, public bodies, artists, individuals) to propose their activities;

- to produce and/or support directly (rooms, technical support, advertising at reduced or free prices) activities


Through its offer, Altrimenti:
- supports activities aimed at social inclusion and cohesion (convivial evenings, events organised by foreign communities, etc.);

- provides access to a space for "citizen participation" and dialogue during conferences/debates on topical issues;

- contributes to the development of artists as well as to the expression of experts in the socio-cultural field (trainers, counsellors, journalists, writers, etc.) who do not have access to the often unaffordable institutional structures and official circuits

- allows the use of rooms at reduced rates (courses, associative activities, educational projects, awareness initiatives in collaboration with associations or NGOs).

In a world that demands change let us become "Altrimenti"...

... by sharing places

- where the environment is created by the users, i.e. people who are willing and able to share aspects of their lives shaped by their culture without giving up their own cultural characteristics;

- where the environment is culturally alive and highly proactive;

- where the environment constantly offers stimulating, humanly and intellectually qualifying opportunities;

- where the environment is a motivation to invest oneself by sharing skills and knowledge and acquiring new ones.

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